Face and Place, Fusion Portraits

Suzi Malin is a painter of sublime portraits and using portraiture as a starting point has created subtle variations on the genre . Her work is unique in this country

In 2010 Camden council were planning to build a school next to my studio taking away my rights to light.

David Hockney, whom I had first met when I was a student at the Slade and several art world voices supported the fight to save my studio.

When the campaign failed, I had no choice but to build upwards on the same footprint placing my studio in the penthouse

This was an overwhelming task and I spent years trying to paint portraits whilst struggling with architectural plans.

The influence of studying architects drawings ,whilst doing my own drawing,  wove into the subconscious  It triggered a project where my two preoccupations , the structure of the head and structure of the building were fused into one. This added an extra layer of meaning to the portrait by combining the head with the building with which it was associated -fusing face and place.

Suzi is a portrait artist of some distinction

Tap image to enlarge or get the entire triptych, iPad and mobile phone users please tap lightly over the image for the title.

My own life size, face and place, fusion, tryptich self portrait is not shown her - below is a small sample of a larger project.