Genes and Generations

Suzi through her magic, playbox of a mind and unique technical skills has made a great contribution to the portraiture of Great Britain’

In this series , I am playing with both the boundaries of time and similarities between the generations addressing the subject of blurred identity -where one person ends and the other begins. These trompe L’oeil paintings in tempera, acrylic and ink question whether we can claim to be individual or are just apart of a continuous whole.

Each part of the face is imbued with meaning . We create and shape our own face from the inside. Is our response to life’s tribulations hereditarily inspired down the generations? These paintings are a visual analysis of the mirroring of one generation to another – although we have believe we are all unique.

This project examines the facial similarity questioning whether the similarity from one generation to the next is entirely influenced by DNA or is partly a response to a genetic approach to life . The behaviour of an individual influences and shapes the face from the inside.

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Genetic inheritance - A small taster of a much more expansive project