Tempera Portraits on Gesso Panel

Here one can see the process of working in tempera .
Firstly the working drawings which portray a selection of poses / expressions before marking up the image in ink on gesso panel.

One plans the underpainting so it is worked up in layers to achieve the correct radiance of colour and opacity. Painting in tempera does not forgive mistakes as the finished effect is not achieved by chance but by thinking backwards about the underpainting and effect one wishes to achieve.

Suzi Malin

Suzi is a portrait artist of some distinction

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James Malin and Prue Waterhouse

David Hockney - Evolution of the face over time

Punk Portraits

My brother, Howard Malin produced several films directed by Derek Jarman.  One of them was Jubilee which starred Punk actors and musicians. They were always in and out of my brother’s house so I painted them. Here are just a few of very many.